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Portable Hydrant Standpipe Flow Meter with ABB AquaMaster

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LTR: Nigel Langham, Simon Langham, Red Litchfield, Claire Langham.

Langham Industrial Controls Ltd manufacture and service flow and pressure measurement equipment for the water industry. We also provide on site services to flow and pressure instrumentation.

We are always ready to listen to your requirements so that we are able to continue to design, develop, manufacture and install bespoke flow and pressure related products and services.

Langham Industrial Controls take particular care to ensure that their staff are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the business. We aim to satisfy your needs by providing a high quality of service.



Nigel and Claire welcome their son Simon Langham to the Board of Directors

Langham Industrial Controls have been supplying the water industry with products and services for over 20 years and are confident that Simon's appointment will ensure a bright future for the company.

"Innovating solutions for the future of the UK water industry"

Simon is passionate about continuing the work of his parents and looks forward to driving continued steady growth.


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Langhams are a very reliable, honest and hard working family business that I trust wholeheartedly with repair / calibration of our products. "Small enough to care large enough to cope"

Affinity Water

Discolouration of drinking water is a major issue faced by water suppliers. Research at the University of Sheffield has demonstrated a clear link between imposed flows and mobilisation of material responsible for discolouration. The ability of the Langham portable standpipe flow meter to accurately measure and log flows during live trials with companies across England has proved critical in achieving this. In addition the ease of use and robustness has allowed the unit to be used successfully on a number of similar projects.

University of Sheffield

After using a paddle type water flow meter for more than several years we thought it was a good idea to move with the times. After consulting with Langham Controls we decided to purchase a new Aquamaster water flow meter, this has no moving parts within the vessel so less chance of damage. This item of equipment is used for test and inspections on the Airfield hydrants and also used for pump out put tests on our appliances. Summing up this is a very accurate piece of equipment and fantastically reliable. After sales have been very professional in any advice we have required. Regards G Wright.

Newcastle Airport Fire Service

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