Flow Meter Test & Calibration

The in-house calibration rig at Langham Industrial Controls suits a wide range of meter technologies and applications. Our ‘closed system’ rig is pump driven and verified using two electromagnetic flow meters, which are both traceable to National and International Standards.

Langham Industrial Controls can provide from one to five-point calibrations with a top flow rate of 30ltrs/sec. The Flow Meter Test and Calibration Rig accepts in-line meters up to DN100, hydrant flow meters, and ultrasonic ‘clamp-on’ water meters.



Langham Industrial Controls testing equipment for a customer.

Pressure Test & Calibration


Langham Industrial Controls Dead Weight Tester is capable of calibrating pressure transducers and gauges from one to twenty bar.

Langham Industrial Controls are able to calibrate:-

  • Pressure Loggers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Transducers

Certificates of Calibration are issued and recorded as standard.

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