Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter

Our Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter provides unrivalled accuracy of ±0.5% within a wide flow range. The swan neck design ensures that the electromagnetic sensor of the AquaMaster is always full. As the sensor has no moving parts, debris often found in the water supply or valves does not cause any damage which is common with paddle wheel technologies.

Using ABB’s electromagnetic AquaMaster with an
integrated data logger, the Hydrant Flow Meter can record continuously with
up to 12 months of battery life without the need for recharging. The sensor
continuously records, even when the digital display is off and/or the sensor is
empty, ensuring every litre, cubic meter, or gallon is recorded.

The Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter is ideal for many
portable monitoring applications such as hydrant verification, meter
verification, flushing, tank filling, and revenue purposes.

Vertical Hydrant Flow Meter

Our Vertical Standpipe Flow Meter is fitted with an ABB AquaMaster. The battery-powered electromagnetic AquaMaster offers unrivalled accuracy of ±0.5% within a wide operating flow range.

The meter has no moving parts which eliminates the problems found with mechanical flow meters, such as damage caused by iron and other particles frequently found in water.

The clear LCD display and integrated data logger are programmable via a computer with a cable. The display can be set up to show forward, reverse and net totals, pressure, flow rate, velocity, time and date. It also displays an empty sensor and low battery. Units can be measured in Imperial or Metric and an optional forward and reverse flow pulsed output can also be installed for a remote reading device if required.  

The Vertical Hydrant Flow Meter is the ideal tool for flushing crews, irrigation, hydrant testing, bowser filling and revenue purposes.

What about our Hydrant Flow Meter Accessories?

LHM Hydrant Flow Meter Brochure

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LHM Quick Reference Guide

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ABB LogMaster Software


ABB LogMaster Instruction Manual

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