Boundary Box Adaptors

Langham Industrial Controls recognises a need within the Water Industry to measure both flow and pressure at the boundary box.


Pulse Signal Splitters

Pulse Splitters are designed to split the pulse signal from a single utility meter to multiple data acquisition systems such as data loggers, AMR devices & PLCs.

low flow

Low Flow Regulator

Regulates flow rate to 0.5l/s from a standpipe at mains pressures from 1 to 6 Bar.

Hydrant Flow Meters

Our Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter provides unrivaled accuracy of ±0.5% within a wide flow range.


Calibration Services

The in-house calibration at Langham Industrial Controls covers a wide range of meter & logger technologies.

cables and connections

Cables and connections

Depending on the Customers' requirements, our Technicians can terminate cables to various meters, data loggers, and data acquisition systems.

Hydrant Pressure Caps

Our Hydrant Pressure Caps can be engraved with up to 25 characters - Unique for your company.



Our Hoses are available in both 5 & 10 metre lengths.

Control gate valve

Control Gate Valve

To record static pressure from a hydrant the gate valve can be closed. Using a gate valve reduces the chances of water hammer.


UK Instantaneous Fittings

Instantaneous fittings manufactured to BS336:2010.

Spring Lifting Keys

LLK001 - The Spring Action Lifting Key is designed to lift and hold chamber covers. Avoiding broken meter dials due to the cover falling into the chamber.



Langham Industrial Controls use both D Cells & Lithium batteries in their Flow Meters depending on which Transmitter is required.

Dechlorination Units

Reduces chlorine levels, prior to discharge from hydrants, during mains conditioning and testing.