Hydrant to Control Centre in 30 minutes!

In December 2017 the final prototype of our next latest Portable Hydrant Meter was put through it’s paces in a real world scenario during an incident caused by a burst water main in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Tewkesbury homes without water after pipe burst – BBC News article


The LHM111 S2D Portable Hydrant Meter was fitted to the hydrant to record the flow and pressure data of the water being injected into the network from the emergency tanker.

This data was then transmitted via GSM and available to view and analyse in the Severn Trent Operational Control Centre in Coventry within 30 minutes of the operation starting.

S2D (Straight to Desktop)

The new LHM111 ‘S2D’ (straight to dektop) Portable Hydrant Meter will feature remote GSM communications, accurate GPS positioning and local Bluetooth functionality for downloading data and viewing live readings.

Location, location, location!

Finding a location by triangulating mobile phone cell towers only offers accuracy to within 3/4 of a square mile. This data is of no great advantage when you may have several network assets within an area of that size.

The GPS receiver in the new LHM111 Portable Hydrant Flow Meter can pinpoint the location of the unit to within 7.8 metres, taking into account environmental and toporaphic considerations.